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Shelving games

I have some games that I use with grade 3 to teach how to find books in the library. One is a board game where I use a huge piece of butcher block paper. Students are in teams of three … Continue reading

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How to videos using eBooks

I taught grade 5 students how to use Follettshelf and Overdrive, but know that many students didn’t have enough practice to comprehend all the steps. I had students get in groups of 3 and they could choose any iPad App … Continue reading

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Wordless Book Lesson

Grade 4 students worked in pairs and made-up a story for a wordless book. I pulled about 40 wordless books and tried to find 20 of my favorites. I did up an example using “Chalk” by Bill Thompson to show … Continue reading

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Fox on Wheels part 2

I had students who forgot their books use the iTouch with the microphone to practice retelling the story I read and become comfortable with mobile devices. I found that last year students were scared of using the microphone. I used … Continue reading

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Start of a New Year

I read this to 2nd graders and they loved the character of Fox. He is annoyed with his younger sister that he has to babysit, has to deal with his fear of heights, and makes a bad choice by racing … Continue reading

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Book trailer collaboration with another international school

Collaboration. One of my goals as a librarian.  Lessons are more meaningful if you collaborate with the teacher in the classroom and pepper your library skills in a lesson that supports the classroom curriculum. Welcome to the 21st century and the World Wide Web. Today … Continue reading

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Grade 3 book trailer modifications

I made some improvements on my grade 3 book trailer lesson. Students kept losing their Photostory by saving it wrong. Oftentimes they would have to do the project over. Also, the bootup time of the computers was slow. We setup … Continue reading

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Book Trailers Final Project

I have a book trailer project that I do with grade 3 students using Photostory. Students need to talk about the problem in the story and get viewers excited to read books. This project is hard for students and has been … Continue reading

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Top 10 Collaborative Book Project

Grade 4 students compared their top 10 books with students at the International School of Bangkok. I created a Google doc for students to survey and put the link to it on the Follett Home Page. Students logged on and … Continue reading

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The Garbage Barge

Fun read aloud with older students. It is a longer book so students need a good attention span. YouTube has an interesting video on how the book was made. I showed this first to the students. Make sure you use your New … Continue reading

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