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Have a Workshop at your School

Last night I was boiling spaghetti noodles and had the bananas too close to the gas stove. The full-blast flame left a large inky black blotch on its Minion-like yellow skin. I kept thinking my spaghetti and meatballs were burning … Continue reading

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Library Workshop on Technology Integration

Come for an exciting workshop in Taipei, Taiwan, Friday, November 6, &¬† Saturday, November 7. The Keynote speaker is Jenny Luca from Melbourne, Australia. Jenny will discuss the changing future of libraries, the impact of technology on libraries, and initiatives … Continue reading

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Shelving games

I have some games that I use with grade 3 to teach how to find books in the library. One is a board game where I use a huge piece of butcher block paper. Students are in teams of three … Continue reading

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EARCOs library workshop fall 2015

Hi, I have been obsessively writing books reviews and have neglected this blog, but on the plus side I started the book reviews as an assignment for my Coetail class so the monster was born here. The Taipei American School … Continue reading

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I Speak, You Speak, We all squeak for Neil Gaiman’s “The Graveyard Book”

Some incredible speakers on Gaiman’s audio tape of “The Graveyard Book.” You could use this with students to inspire them or teach speaking skills.

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Blogging about Books

When I took the Coetail course 3 years ago I started a book blog and became active in Goodreads. You would think after 500 reviews I would be feeling pretty confident about book reviewing, but if anything I realize how … Continue reading

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Want to be on the Newbery or Caldecott committee?

Coming fresh off the ALA conference I wondered how people got on the Newbery or Caldecott committees that vote for winners. Shelly Diaz wrote an interesting and informative article on the process in School Library Journal. I would not be … Continue reading

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ALA conference

The ALA conference in Las Vegas had 30,000 participants! What an author bonanza. Here is me with Mo Willems getting his newest book. I ended up collecting 70 books! Most were free. I met more authors than I could count… … Continue reading

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Holey Cow!

Here’s a fun book for the kiddos¬† The Book with a Hole by Tullet, Herve. Can you tell school is almost out?!

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Mapping library with iPad apps

Spice up your library locating skill lessons by using the iPad. I read the book, Henry’s Map by David Elliot, and then grade 1 students used the iPads to map where the book was in the library. I let them … Continue reading

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