EARCOs library workshop fall 2015


I have been obsessively writing books reviews and have neglected this blog, but on the plus side I started the book reviews as an assignment for my Coetail class so the monster was born here.

The Taipei American School is hosting a librarian’s weekend workshop. Or sort of a weekend workshop. It’s Friday and Saturday… a split end workshop? If you want to come it is November 6 & 7, 2015. If you want to present, that would be better yet! I know I will be talking about the use of iPads in the elementary library with lessons. I wanted to do a Makerspace talk but we are implementing that the weekend after and the timing isn’t quite right.  I know many of you are doing innovative things so come and share! We will talk about our Kindle management checkout programs, lessons, ebook and audiobook strategies, library advocacy and more. We are working on a speaker and have a few names in the pot. Let us know if you have one you want us to add to the speaker stew.

The theme is: “Library Futures: Taking it On One Service at a time.”

In order to organize and plan for the event, my colleague has set up a very short interest survey link here.

Taipe is extremely easy to get around and the hotels are within walking distance to the workshop. Food is great and we would love to network with you. As our plans move along I’ll keep you posted with updates. Thanks for considering this opportunity!

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